Pagla means “Crazy”, it reflects where I see myself in relation to popular Indian food as an outsider and describes the crazy risk of changing the preconceptions around South Asian food . My vision is a space where diners can come to experience food that reflects a return to roots of South Asian cuisine, where they can experience the food of the village refined and taken into the future.
It is vital to me that the original essence of South Asia’s diverse culture is reflected in our progressive approach. My philosophy is that every individual element should be like a note complimenting each other to become a symphony of flavor and vibrancy. Being a Pagala myself my vision is to create a revolution in the Hospitality Industry.
South Asian food is undergoing a renaissance. Already there are restaurants celebrating these flavors among the top 50 in the world, there are none in Australia, I strongly believe that this leaves a niche in the market, which I feel can be capitalized upon by my clear vision and determination.
Australians have a broad pallet and are open to the influence of foreign cuisines, our aim is to bring a new perspective of South Asian food and elevate its place in future discussions surrounding Australian Cuisine.

Our intention for our food is to showcase the unknown ingredients locally available in south Asia, to play with age old techniques and flavors in creating a singular textual and visual experience.

My dream is to create a restaurant that evokes memories of my childhood.