$90 choose 4 dishes + embellishments

$120 choose 6 dishes + embellishments.

– Phool Makhana, Chaga style Mushroom, Himalayan Winter Black Truffle and Peas

– Tandoori Moraga Surprise, Vegetables and Nuts

– Razor Clams, Chouricos, freshly shaved coconut and chettinad

– Buffalo Paneer Gold and Silver, Achari heirloom tomato and royal korma

– Smoked Cashmere goat Lal Maas and Pickled pearl onions two ways

– Khaman Dhokla, Oyster, Oyster pearl and Air dried Prasunto

– Banana Artichoke and Beetroot Lentil Palya

– Lantern Butter Chicken and freeze dried butter cream

– Compressed Shoulder of Lamb Rogan Josh and spiced yogurt chilli

– Red Snapper, Lobster, coronation dhal, pickled Shalgam and date chutney


– Pepper in Smoke: white chocolate coated cardamom Rabri

– Quail Eggs: Saffron yogurt ice-cream

– Lava: Silk melon Halwa